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About Us

Gutter Dome is a service of the company All Purpose Exteriors which was founded in the 1997 by Ken Coughlin. Not only did Ken established this client friendly, family owned local company in Enumclaw Washington, he also lives here. Ken has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all facets of exteriors and has taken his products to many trade shows as he stays up to date with current trends.

All Purpose Exteriors has all of their professional equipment in their mobile trucks, so when the crew arrives they are ready to complete your installation. All Purpose Exteriors is recognized for integrity and reliability.

Consumer FAQ

Q: Will GutterDome keep all of the debris out of my rain gutter system?

A: Yes. Deters leaves, pine needles, roof grit, seed pods, small organic matter and whirly birds from entering your rain gutter system while still filtering the rainwater and eliminates gutter cleaning for all time.

Q: What length is the rain gutter appliance?

A: All of the GutterDome product lines come in five (5') foot lengths.

Q: How does the rain gutter appliance fasten to my rain gutter system?

A: All of the GutterDome product lines fasten to the front lip of the rain gutter with three (3) hex washer head #2 forged Stalgard coated self-drilling screws.

Q: Do GutterDome products install on most residential gutter types?

A: Yes. Installs on vast majority of rain gutters (4"/5" or 6"/7" in width) including curved, fascia, half round, K-style and ogee.

Q: Does GutterDome install on most residential gutter materials?

A: Yes. Installs on aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, plastic, stainless steel, vinyl and wood rain gutters.

Q: What is the support frame material for the rain gutter appliance?

A: GutterDome is constructed from the highest quality 6063 extruded aluminum that has been tempered to a T5 strength.

Q: What is the filtering agent material for the rain gutter appliance?

A: GutterDome is produced with a fine plain weave surgical grade stainless steel wire mesh.

Q: What is the surface coating process for the rain gutter appliance to withstand the harsh outdoor elements?

A: GutterDome is produced with a clear anodizing process (Anodic Oxidation) that creates a layer of oxide that protects the extruded aluminum makes it immune to corrosion. This durable surface coating adheres to AAMA standards, is environmentally responsible, long lasting, low maintenance, scratch resistant and provides tough performance.

Q: Will I need to do monthly or annual maintenance to keep debris off of GutterDome?

A: No. Though for purely aesthetic reasons you may want to brush or blow the debris from the top of the rain gutter appliance if you do this same type of maintenance for your roof. This will not affect the functionality of the rain gutter appliance and the ability of the rainwater to still filter directly into your rain gutter system.

Q: What is the warranty on GutterDome products?

A: We offer a comprehensive Limited Parts Warranty to the original owner when installed by an Authorized Dealer. Please contact us for further details.

Q: Do you sell directly to Homeowners for DIY self-install?

A: No. We only distribute and install our gutter protection product lines through our valued Dealer network in their protected territories.